Dealing with Difficult People – Training Workshop

At times, we all have to work with people we do not find as easy to work with, as others. This workshop looks at the key behaviours that make people difficult to work with, and a range of solutions that can improve these working relationships. In this programme attendees will analyse their own communication style and how to flex this, to enhance personal interactions. This Workshop will explore key areas such as transactional analysis, motivation, recognising and dealing with workplace conflict, as well as reasons why some people are particularly challenging to work with. By the end of this workshop attendees will develop a range of strategies, to handle a range of difficult and demanding situations more effectively. This is an interactive experiential training programme allowing participants time to analyse the people they work with, as well as their own behaviours and attitudes, that can both help and hinder personal interactions.


By the end of this training workshop attendees will be able to;

  • Develop the confidence to handle a wide range of difficult and demanding situations more effectively.
  • Recognise the elements that create difficult situations.
  • Analyse their own communication style.
  • Gain confidence in handling conflict and criticism.
  • Deal with difficult people and their behaviour.
  • Recognise the cause of and to challenge difficult behaviour.
  • Define the key bevaviours that both help and hinder interpersonal interactions.
  • Develop a broader range of interpersonal communication techniques to use in a variety of settings.


How we communicate

  • How we give information
  • How we receive information
  • Analysing our preferred style
  • Adapting our preferred styles
  • Flexing our style

Skills of an Effective Communicator

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Transactional analysis
  • Giving positive feedback
  • Giving negative feedback

Managing Performance

  • Dealing with poor performance
  • Dealing with challenging people
  • Effective change communication

Causes of difficult behaviour

  • Underlying motivation
  • Change and the change curve
  • Core behaviours
  • Cause and consequence

Communicating in Difficult situations

  • Conflict management
  • Conflict escalation.
  • Controlling emotions
  • Fight or Flight

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