TRACOM Social Intelligence
We Provide a wide range of Tracom Products including Social Style and BehaviouralEQ
Building a Resilient Mindset
Helping your staff to develop Resilience and perform more effectively
Developing Mental Agility
Our courses uses a multi-rater profile to develop crucial mental agility skills
Communication Training
Developing the skills of your Staff to communicate and present more effectively
Team Development
Wide range of Team Development Events including Belbin Team Role Profiling
Leadership Training
Our programmes focus on developing skills that create high performance leaders
Developing Mindfulness
A wide range of techniques to combat work based stress and burnout

The Business Skills Training Specialists


Helping you to effectively analyse the current situations effecting your business growth or the smooth running of your organisation

Diagnostic Tools

We provide you with a number of diagnostic tools to help you tackle key issues effecting your business and/or staff development.

Practical Solutions

We provide you with the practical solutions to address key issues you and your organisation are facing both now and in the future.

In-House Programmes

Training Course Outlines

Social Style - Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences

Understanding & managing Behavioural Differences

One Day Workshop

This course provides the fundamentals included in the Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE course and then delves deeper into working relationships and the factors that contribute to productivity, morale and effective communication

Social Style - Introduction to Social Style

Introduction to Social Styles

Half Day Workshop

The Course develops interpersonal skills that lead to higher performance for both the individual and the organisation. Using TRACOM’s popular and proven SOCIAL STYLE MODEL™, this workshop delivers long-term benefits, through a series of exercises, video vignettes, and focused discussions that raise awareness of the workplace behaviours and communication preferences that affect the ability of employees to work together effectively

Adaptive Mindset - Unlocking Personal Agility

Unlocking Personal Agility

One Day Workshop

TRACOM’s Unlocking Personal Agility is a unique one-day course to help develop both individual and organisational agility. It teaches participants about the cognitive biases that hold us back and includes specific strategies to overcome them.

Adaptive Mindset - Unlocking Personal Agility

Developing a Resilient Mindset

One Day Workshop

A course to build resiliency and high performance in a fast-paced world. Resiliency is a way to productively deal with stress and overcome our brain’s natural, counter-productive ways of thinking.  This course teaches people about the sources of their stress, their response patterns to stress, and practical strategies for altering those responses. The course includes the Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency® Multi-Rater profile. 

Behavioral EQ - Developing Behavioral EQ

Developing BehaviouralEQ

One Day Workshop

A course which provides an in-depth review of elements of Emotional Intelligence and strategies to improve performance. Participants receive detailed lessons and exercises to apply Emotional Intelligence in workplace situations.  The course includes the Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater Profile.

Behavioral EQ - Developing Behavioral EQ

Developing BehaviouralEQ

One Day Workshop

A course which provides an in-depth review of elements of Emotional Intelligence and strategies to improve performance. Participants receive detailed lessons and exercises to apply Emotional Intelligence in workplace situations.  The course includes the Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater Profile. 

At Accelerate we recognise that being part of a high performance organisation or team is demanding; It requires you to make sacrifices, have excellent communication skills, demonstrate considerable levels of commitment and be highly motivated. Our expertise and experience is in helping organisations develop the required skills, competencies and approach to create high performing teams and ultimately high performance organisations.

We do this by helping Leaders and their team members, to adapt their behaviour on a day to day basis, develop more effective ways of working and create the right business environment to succeed in tough market conditions. Our solutions range from high impact training and team development events, as well as business process improvement and effective/practical one to one coaching.

Leadership Training and Development100%
Effective Consultancy and Business Improvement100%
Team Development and Team Building Events100%
Business Development and Practical Sales Improvement100%
Communication and Presentation Skills Training100%
Talent Management100%
General Management Training100%

TRACOM Social Style


There are many profiling tools and psychometrics on the market yet SOCIAL STYLE is the most widely used behavioural tool of its kind in the world, with over 50 years of research from TRACOM to ensure the validity of the model. It measures 3 Key areas Assertiveness, Responsiveness and Versatility. More information here.

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Behavioural EQ


The third generation of Emotional Intelligence focuses on a number of behavioural aspects, so we can now distinguish between Emotional Intelligence (emotion awareness, recognition, and understanding), as well as Behavioural Intelligence, which represents practical skills that directly influence others and our own effectiveness.More information here

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Adaptive Mindset Profile


Our mindset encompasses what is going on inside — our thoughts, perceptions and subconscious psychology. Although people do not see what is going on inside our brains, our mindset greatly affects our outward behaviour and the ways in which we interact with others. More information here

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The FIRO (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation) instrument helps repair broken relationships and takes good, functional relationships to a higher level. It is the key that unlocks the potential in workplace interactions.

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MBTI - Myers Briggs Profiling


By defining personality type, the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) tool builds a robust foundation for life-long personal development. It provides a constructive, flexible and liberating framework for understanding individual differences and strengths. More information here.

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The 16PF questionnaire (16 Personality Factors) is a highly effective tool that reveals potential, confirms suitability and helps identify development needs. Unlike many personality assessments designed for use in business, the 16PF establishes a fully rounded picture of the whole individual.

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Belbin - Team Role Profiling



For team and leadership development, Meredith Belbin’s team roles is one of our favourite tools for getting all manner of business teams including leadership teams to work effectively, and recognise their unique differences.More information here.

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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument


The TKI is fast and accessible, delivering insight, empowerment and resolution to anyone involved in conflict. By identifying alternative conflict styles, it helps people reframe and defuse conflict, creating more productive results.

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SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory



SDI is a self-assessment tool that helps people understand what gives them a sense of self-worth and what’s important to them when relating with others. Particularly useful when looking at conflict in teams and organisations.More information here.

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