Management Training

At Accelerate we specialise in developing the skills of your managers to lead people more effectively. Whether they are experienced in managing staff or new to managing people, we will tailor our in-house training to focus on the key areas that will make the most effective improvement. Typically areas of training could focus on how to lead and motivate teams, How to effectively recruit staff, dealing with conflict in teams or how to develop leadership communication skills. If you are running an organisation or a team of people then your management skills can help or hinder this, by the style and culture you create. We help you develop those management skills and also to create the appropriate culture for your organisation.


Typically our in-company management training workshops range from one to three days. Our management development programmes break down into core areas and we have divided our programmes between Leadership Training and Management Training. There is some debate under which category we have put them in, but hopefully if you cannot find what you are looking for here follow the link to Leadership Training.


How to interview and recruit staff and the legal implications associated with this are an important skill for any manager. Our Recruitment Training programmes make a substantial impact to companies recruitment effectiveness by developing key skills and processes.


Managers need to manage performance effectively yet many managers do not feel they get maximum performance from their team members. Our Performance Management Training courses look at practical ways to make this happen. If need be we can create effective performance management systems for organisations who do not have these in place.

They say the only constant is change and regular organisational change is something which most staff will need to embrace on a regular basis. Our change management training programmes focus on several distinct areas including managing organisational change, coping personally with change and also how to deal with change in international and diverse organisations