Developing Behavioural EQ™ one-day training course

BehaviouralEQ (1 Day Training Course)

Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) improves performance in sales, leadership and recruiting. Just as important — EQ can be learned and developed. TRACOM’s Developing Behavioral EQ™ is a comprehensive one-day course for understanding EQ and putting these powerful skills to work.(This one day programme is also available in 2.5 Hour, 4 Hour and 6 Hour sessions)

BehaviouralEQ Course Training Objectives

By the end of this one day Programme, participants will:

Be aware of cognitive biases and how they affect their thinking and
Identify the impact of Behavioral EQ on job performance
Interpret the results of their Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater profiles
Develop and practice strategies to improve their Behavioral EQ
Create an action plan focused on developing their Behavioral EQ

BehaviouralEQ Training Course Content

Behavioural EQ
– Negativity Bias
– Emotions and Behavior
– Amygdala Triggers
Behavioral EQ Model™
– Emotional Intelligence – Self
– Behavioral Intelligence – Self
– Emotional Intelligence – Others
– Behavioral Intelligence – Others
Behavioral EQ Multi-Rater Profile
Development Strategies
– Individual Development
– Team Development
Session Summary and Conclusion

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Behavioural EQ - Developing Behavioural EQ

BEQ Profile

Behavioral EQ

BEQ Materials

Behavioral EQ Concepts Guide