Team Development and Team Building

team development team buildingWith the rise of project teams, flexible working and higher demand for personal leadership, we answer the need for team members to enjoy being personally accountable for individual and team results as well as maintaining great team relationships and communications.

Developing, Inspiring and Motivating Teams

We design team experiences, with clear objectives, that are challenging and enjoyable, using different media that;

  • Will focus individuals on team and common goals
  • Allow teams to communicate more effectively,
  • Identify win-win solutions to common issues
  • Allow risk taking without the fear of failure
  • Identify their team and group dynamics
  • Help teams to think more creatively
  • Improve team working and personal management

Whether your team has recently come together, or has been together for some time and needs reviving to gain competitive advantage, our facilitated training and team activities will provide you with the opportunity to examine, create, and apply hands-on skills required to synergise individual and group strengths to handling team activities and align team goals. Identifying team strengths and difference will give your staff a glimpse of their peak performance opportunities.

With your organisational values, agenda, relevant thread, purpose or competences: (such as integrity, teamwork, customer focus, respect, community aware, structure and processes, initiative, communication, prioritising, influencing, flexibility) as the theme of the day, good fun and often competitive master classes are organised in a variety of environments. Whether you are looking to use tools like Belbin Team Roles, want to set physical challenges or just have a great Team Building event please feel free to contact us on 0203 507 0053 for a quote.

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