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Belbin Team Roles Training

The Belbin Team Roles framework is one of our favourite tools for improving team performance. Dr Meredith Belbin’s model for building successful teams – including leadership teams – is the result of years of research into the importance of understanding team dynamics. Dr Belbin believes that, by understanding your role within a team and playing to your strengths, you can increase your value to the team. With so much evidence that businesses perform better when their key players learn to develop their strengths and manage their weaknesses, it is hard to argue with Dr Belbin’s observations.

What Are the Main Benefits of Belbin Team Roles Training?

We have held Belbin team building workshops for many years, and we believe the Belbin Team Roles method is the most effective way to analyse and understand team dynamics. The theory of Belbin Team Roles has been proven time and time again – in fact, 99% of customers agree that Belbin helps their teams work more effectively. As well as helping you understand and strengthen the dynamics within your team, Belbin Team Roles also offers numerous other benefits, including:

  • Identification of behavioural strengths;
  • Identification of behavioural weaknesses;
  • Individual team member development;
  • Improved internal communication;
  • Improved collaboration between multi-functional teams;
  • Management development;
  • Leadership development;
  • Improved recruitment decision making;
  • Conflict management;
  • Increased employee engagement.

After attending our Belbin Team Inventory workshops, course delegates start to think differently about themselves and their teammates. Our Belbin Team Roles training course helps managers and team members appreciate difference and diversity amongst the team. The Belbin framework also provides them with the tools they need to capitalise on the opportunities that team diversity provides.

Why Choose Accelerate’s Belbin Team Roles Training Courses?

The Belbin method does not put people in boxes. Rather, it is an observation-based framework that helps you create stronger, more balanced teams. The Belbin Team Roles framework is flexible enough to help you adapt as your team roles change over time, whilst retaining the analytical structure that makes the Belbin Team Inventory such a powerful training tool.

The Belbin framework is regularly updated to accommodate modern working practices. The Belbin reports themselves are of exceptional quality (we have a selection of sample Belbin reports available to download). Adopting the Belbin method of team development can really make a difference to the way people work in teams. Our experienced Belbin trainers are more than happy to discuss the ways in which our Belbin training courses can help you develop your team and enhance the leadership qualities of team leaders and managers.

Belbin's Team Roles Model

Dr Belbin identified nine team roles, which he categorised into three groups: Action Oriented, People Oriented and Thought Oriented. Each of the nine Belbin team roles team role is associated with typical behavioural and interpersonal strengths.

Belbin also defined the characteristic weaknesses that tend to accompany each team role. He called the characteristic weaknesses of team roles the “allowable” weaknesses – often the compliment to the strengths. These behavioural weaknesses are areas that individuals need to be aware of and try to improve.

Action-Oriented Roles

  • Shaper (SH)
  • Implementer (IMP)
  • Complete-Finisher (CF)

People Oriented Roles

  • Coordinator (CO)
  • Team Worker (TW)
  • Resource Investigator (RI)

Thought Oriented Roles

  • Plant (PL)
  • Monitor-Evaluator (ME)
  • Specialist (SP)

Find out more about our range of Belbin Training Workshops

Number of Attendees

We tend to work with a maximum of 12 attendees per Facilitator/Trainer, although this is flexible depending on the workshop. Some workshops with diagnostic tools allow us to have around 16 to 20 attendees.

Interactive Learning

Our courses are designed to be enjoyable, interactive, experiential and stimulating to maximize on the learning opportunity. This means that everyone has a chance to contribute and get involved throughout.

Course Duration

Most of our workshops such are 0.5 or 1 day courses, although they each vary depending on the degree of customisation. Workshops typically run from 09:15 to 16:45 which will include lunch and breaks.

Workshop Prices

Our prices are based on a day rate per facilitator plus expenses, which ordinarily works out more cost effective than sending your team externally on courses which will also incur individual expenses.


We deliver our Workshops at your premises in the UK, throughout Europe and around the World in a number of languages as well as English. We just need access to a venue, which includes a projector and flip charts.


Our Belbin Team Roles training workshop is perfect for anyone who already works in a team orientated environment, or an environment where effective teamworking needs to happen. We are also able to tailor the content if we are working with a group of managers, customer facing staff or any staff who need to work more effectively as part of a team.

Belbin Team Roles