The 9 BELBIN® Team Roles

A team role is defined as a way in which we prefer to interrelate with the team. We will usually have more than one as a preference. They are described in the profile as preferred, manageable and least preferred. The nine Belbin team roles are; Plant, Monitor Evaluator, Coordinator, Implementer, Completer finisher, Resource investigator, Shaper, Team worker and Specialist.

Belbin does not put people in boxes, as your team roles may change over time, and is based on observation as well as substantial research. It has also been updated regularly and the reports are of a good quality. All in all it really makes a difference to the way people work in teams. We would be happy to discuss how to develop your team or team leadership capabilities using Belbin Team Roles. Our training consultants work across the UK and further afield as required.

Belbin Team Roles