Our Vision

Simply to work with companies where we can make a substantial impact, that are open to challenge, believe learning should be engaging and fun and will be satisfied with nothing less than the best from their workforce.

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Our History

Formed in 2007 by a group of former Training managers and Consultants we have grown our client base and training team steadily over the years and can now call on a core of almost 30 individual consultants as the need arises.

Who we work with

Our client list is extensive and ranges from large multi-nationals  and global corporations to a wide range of smaller organisations generally looking to develop their staff and develop high performance teams.

What makes us different

We would like to think this is the quality of the training, events and consultancy we provide to business that is focused more on practical application and delivering real measurable changes in performance.

Our Team

We live and breathe what we do and each of our team-members are experts in their field with years of experience delivering their respected programmes or consulting in their relevant fields with a history of practical results.

Our Values

Our 5 core values define our organisation: Integrity, Innovation, Results Focused, Client Obsessed and Straight Talking. In defining our values we deliberated the most about Straight Talking and the word challenging may be more apt but less defined – Our definition is that we strive to constantly challenge the Status Quo through Straight Talking.

Results Focused
Client Obsessed
Straight Talking


The key themes of Integrity and honesty are two words that define our approach and working. This means being honest regardless of the consequences and respecting the confidences and values of our clients.

Results Focused

Results focusedResults focusedResults focused

The end result of our training events and consultancy is to improve people and organisations and ultimately their overall performance. This means we always have to keep an eye on the end result whilst keeping a careful watch on the inputs that need to happen to achieve this.

Client Obsessed

Client obssessedClient obssessedClient obssessed

We are obsessed with helping our customers to improve and achieve. We strive to create the most effective interaction with our clients at all times and commit to never lose sight of the people who ultimately pay our wages.

Straight Talking

Straight talkingStraight talkingStraight talking

In defining our values we deliberated the most about Straight Talking and the word challenging may be more apt but less defined. Our definition is that we strive to constantly challenge the Status Quo and the way things have been done before, through Straight Talking and honesty.



If we are challenging the Status Quo or “The way things are done around here”, we have to be able to come up with innovative solutions and new ways of working. This means taking calculated risks, to keep exploring and never being satisfied with the “Norm”.

Meet The Team

Here are details of our core Trainers. For a more comprehensive list and individual Biographies please follow this link

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