Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training

Emotional Intelligence – Leadership Training

Success at work is due to many things including self-awareness, managing one’s emotions, picking up on non-verbal signals and building effective, working relationships. Our leadership training workshops in emotional intelligence are designed to give a deeper understanding of human behaviour, by understanding our own emotional reactions and the emotional triggers of others.

Research suggests that tuning into emotions, understanding them and taking the appropriate action, can increase success in all areas of life, including job performance. From a business perspective, emotional intelligence is increasingly relevant to organisational development and developing people because it can provide a new way to understand and assess people’s behaviours, management styles, attitudes, interpersonal skills. Our training looks at how to do this quickly and effectively.

Emotional Intelligence Training Workshops

Our training workshops focus on developing staff capability and building effective relationships at work which is important to fully utilise human capital.  With the relationship with a manager being the most common reason for employees to leave,  getting to know and understand your team has never been more important. With the rise of cross functional project teams, those who do not directly manage staff are increasingly having to form good working relationships across other parts of an organisation.

Our Leadership Training workshops on Emotional Intelligence will improve initiative, empathy, adaptability and influencing skills as attendees, explore new ways of handling and understanding interpersonal relationships and the motivation of others. Typical content can include;

The key elements of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotions vs. feelings
  • Emotional Intelligence and the BEQ Model
  • Emotions and feelings in decision-making.
  • Internal states and disruptive emotions.
  • Leadership styles
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Approach to change
  • Working with difference
  • Motivational Relationship Theory
TRACOM’s Behavioural EQ program includes:
  • The most critical elements of EQ that impact effectiveness
  • A measurement of your own EQ
  • Strategies and techniques for using behavior to improve EQ
  • Lessons for applying EQ at work — including leadership, sales, and teams

This programme is available in 2.5 Hour, 4 Hour and 6 Hour sessions

Download a Behavioural EQ Course Outline here

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