Developing Mental Agility – Thriving on change

Adaptive Mindset for Agility

In a world of constant change you may be surprised to know that as Human Beings we are still creatures of habit. Something like 98% of our 50,000 daily thoughts are the same each day and we are on autopilot almost 50% of the time. Through evolution we have developed cognitive biases or short cuts, to conserve our energy and these cognitive biases impact the way we think and behave without us realising it.(Our brain uses around 20% of our daily calorie activity)

Not to mention we have been trained to conform and follow the rules and not question the procedures already established combine with our innate habitual nature, our innovativeness and creativity can be depleted. Fortunately, we can re-train our brains to unlock agility.

Mental agility model

The Agility IDEA Model consists of four dimensions (eight elements) and is designed to revolutionize participants’ habitual thinking and unlock the reservoir of innovative potential that resides in all of us.

Investigate – Openness – Energize – Apply


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Why attend Personal Agility Training

Agility training is essential to a thriving business. Research shows that people with a higher degree of mental agility can find more creative solutions, be more open to change and find opportunities within workplace challenges. Importantly, they perform more effectively in their jobs, are healthier, more engaged with their work, and have higher commitment to their organisations. The great news is that there is a solution as mental agility can be both learned and developed.

Our Training Courses


We tend to work with a maximum of 12 attendees per Facilitator/Trainer, although this is flexible depending on the workshop. Some workshops with diagnostic tools allow us to have around 16 to 20 attendees.


We deliver our Workshops at your premises in the UK, throughout Europe and around the World in a number of languages as well as English. We just need access to a venue, which includes a projector and flip charts.

Couse Durations

Most of our workshops are 1 day courses, although they each vary depending on the degree of customisation. Workshops typically run from 09:15 to 16:45 which will include lunch and breaks.


Our courses are designed to be enjoyable, interactive, experiential and stimulating to maximize on the learning opportunity. This means that everyone has a chance to contribute and get involved throughout.

Workshop Prices

Our prices are based on a day rate per facilitator plus expenses, which ordinarily works out more cost effective than sending your team externally on courses which will also incur individual expenses.


This workshop is designed for those who need to develop their communication skills and covers a comprehensive agenda, with a wide range of practical exercises to help you communicate more effectively.

Find out more about Our Training Courses

For more details on our range of Training Programmes, please contact us on 0203 507 0053 or fill in the form on this page and we will answer any of your questions regarding this course . We work throughout the UK and internationally and our team of trainers are able to talk through your exact training requirements to develop your staff, based on your overall organisational Requirements.

Adaptive Mindset - Unlocking Personal Agility
Adaptive Mindset - Agility Multi-Rater Profile
Mental agility stats
Mental agility stats