Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE Training Course

Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE Course (1/2 Day Course)

The Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE Course is a programme that you can purchase materials to deliver yourself, or we can deliver it for you. NO CERTIFICATION is required to deliver this course and a full Admin kit of materials is available

The Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE course covers all the key concepts of SOCIAL STYLE in a facilitator-led, half-day class. It is not appropriate for self-study. This “classin-a-box” covers both SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility and includes video, interactive exercises and facilitated discussion. The Participant Guide provides a thorough overview of SOCIAL STYLE concepts and applications.

The Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE Course develops interpersonal skills that lead to higher performance for both the individual and the organisation. Using TRACOM’s popular and proven SOCIAL STYLE MODEL™, this half-day class delivers long-term benefits. The instructor-led course walks participants through a series of exercises, video vignettes, and focused discussions that raise awareness of the workplace behaviours and communication preferences that directly affect the ability of employees to work together effectively. Participants will learn how to recognise these behavioural and communication preferences and adjust their own behaviours to create productive working relationships with individuals of all SOCIAL STYLEs.

Social Style Introduction Course Outline pdf

For more details on our Social Style Training Programmes, contact us now. We work throughout the UK and internationally and our team of trainers are able to talk through your exact requirements, and the training required, to develop your managers into high peformance managers

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