Situational Leadership Training Courses

Become an effective leader with situational leadership training

Effective Leaders can influence the behaviour, beliefs and feelings of other group members in an intended direction. Latest research from experts such as “Marcus Buckingham” and “Zengman and Folger” shows effective leadership may well be the key business differentiator between high performing organisations and their lower performing counterparts, yet many organisations see leadership training as a cost and not a value-add. We deliver our leadership training programmes throughout the world and our key focus is always on improving business performance. If you are running an organisation or a team of people then our leadership training programmes can help develop your own leadership style to get more from your team.

Our leadership training programmes focus on developing the skills to become a high performance leader, including emotional intelligence, coaching and influencing skills, communication skills and the skills to effectively manage the performance of your staff. We run our programmes in your organisation and usually work on a daily rate as opposed to a delegate rate, to reduce costs. Typically our programmes range from 1 to 3 days.

Coaching skills are crucial to any high performance manager, yet very few managers have ever had coaching training or received feedback on their coaching style. We deliver leadership training that centres on practical coaching skills training that turns managers into highly effective coaches.

The top managers are great communicators, and our communication skills training programmes focus on analysing and developing your communication style, enabling you to adapt your style when managing a diverse team. Delivering to groups or on a one to one basis is a core area for an effective leader and a core area of our leadership training.

High performing leaders have high EQ. Our Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training Courses help managers to develop this key area.

Our leadership training programmes focus on more than just “Soft Skills” – we also run programmes on change management, although this will primarily focus on the people aspects of change.