Management Training Surrey

Delivering Training at your premises

Management Training in Surrey and the South of England

At Accelerate we specialise in developing the skills of your managers to lead people more effectively and deliver management training in Surrey and throughout the South of England. Whether your staff are experienced in managing staff or new to managing people, we will tailor our in-house training to focus on the key areas that will make the most effective improvement.

Typically areas of training could focus on how to lead and motivate teams, How to effectively recruit staff, dealing with conflict in teams or how to develop leadership communication skills. If you are running an organisation or a team of people then your management skills can help or hinder this, by the style and culture you create.  We help you develop those management skills and also to create the appropriate culture for your organisation. Key Focus Areas include;

Although we are based in London, Surrey was the starting point of Accelerate UK and we still do much of our courses in Management Training in the Surrey Area and Managing Partner Graham Price is based in Surrey.

We have a wide range of venues we use and here are a few of our preferred venues in the Surrey area for hosting training events – Please contact us if you think there are any others we should add.

Wotton House, Wotton  (near Dorking)

Holiday Inn Sutton