Tracom Social Style Certification and Course

As a UK Distributor of TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE Products, we provide a range of training programmes and tools to develop the Emotional Intelligence of organisations and the people who work there. Developed by the TRACOM Group SOCIAL STYLE has over 50 years of research behind it and we are able to run a number of programmes that tap into the world leading research available to introduce SOCIAL STYLE into businesses.

We are able to organise accredited training for companies to develop their in-house trainers, to deliver SOCIAL STYLE in their organisations. We also work with training organisations and consultancies that wish to use it with their own clients.

However Accreditation is not needed to deliver many of the TRACOM products because of the quality of materials we provide, so it makes a cost effective alternative to other profiles on the market.

Here are details of our next certification session if you wish to use the products in your own organisation or wth your clients..

Becoming a TRACOM Certified Facilitator / Instructor enables a person to teach the powerful SOCIAL STYLE Model to others.  Certification is required to use TRACOM’s multi-rater profiles (assessments) and facilitate many SOCIAL STYLE programs and courses.


By the end of this 2 day Programme you will ;

  • Gain a thorough working knowledge of the SOCIAL STYLE Model™
  • Determine your own SOCIAL STYLE and VERSATILITY by completing a Multi-Rater Profile
  • Develop an awareness of your behavior and how others tend to view people with your Style
  • Develop some ways to use your SOCIAL STYLE in order to be more productive with others
  • Develop the skills to deliver feedback with SOCIAL STYLE Products
  • Develop skills to train and facilitate workshops using SOCIAL STYLE and VERSATILITY profiles and courses
 Social style


ISS Course

Social Style - Introduction to Social Style

UMBDE Course

Social Style - Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences

PRO Course

Social Style - Producing Results with Others

ePRO Course

Social Style eLearning