One to One Coaching

One of our key areas of focus is one to one coaching for key individuals in your organisation to improve their overall effectiveness and productivity. We have a wide range of coaches available and we help you choose the most appropriate person to work with you.

This choice is largely determined by the experience of the coach in your specific business area, business sector, or the specific skill areas your staff need to develop.

  • Strategic Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Project Management
  • Practical and Strategic HR
  • Training Design and Development
  • Organisational Development

A personal view on Coaching

“I often get asked, do you need to have to be better at something to coach someone to do something?………………………………I tend to use the following story to dispel this myth. Doug Blevins, kicking consultant and former kicking coach of the Miami Dolphins was born with cerebral palsy, Doug had never kicked a football himself, but he has successfully coached, Adam Vinitari of the New England Patriots, who kicked the winning score for Super Bowls 2002 and 2004, and our own Rugby supremo, Rob Andrews.I have been coaching people myself, and choosing coaches for others for over 10 years. If you are looking for a coach, or looking to develop the coaching skills within your organisation then my advice is to look for someone with Credibility, Integrity, Flexibility, Courage and Empathy.”– Graham Price


You need to select someone who has instant credibility. With the latest age discrimination laws, it would be wrong to put an age on a good coach but credibility usually comes with experience, not just qualifications.


What happens in a coaching session stays in a coaching session, trust is a vital component to any coaching intervention so feel free to challenge a coach on how they would react in different situations and make your judgement accordingly.


A good coach will be flexible with their approach to coaching. Be wary of coaches who feel you can only coach face to face. Although a vital ingredient a good coach should be able to coach over the phone and by email as required.


This is a tough one to measure but you may want a coach to provide objective input and this involves confronting issues that people may not want to hear ,or deal with.


Over the years we have experienced everything from tears and despair to anger in coaching sessions. You therefore need someone who can empathise with people and suspend their judgement.

To discuss your coaching requirements please contact us  on 0203 507 0053 for a confidential conversation, to see if we can help. We also run a range of different interventions from coaching clinics, through to workshops on how to coach effectively.