MBTI Step II Training Programme

What is MBTI Step II?

MBTI Myers Briggs Training Session

MBTI Step II builds on the MBTI Step I framework by exploring the variations within each of the core personality types to reveal more about the person behind each MBTI profile. MBTI Step II provides much deeper insights into individual personality types than Step I and acts as a springboard for personal and business growth through laser-focused insight and in-depth analysis.

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The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II framework helps course participants drill down into each of the four preference pairs detailed in Step I (Extraversion [E] – Introversion [I], Sensing [S] – Intuition [N], Thinking [T] – Feeling [F] and Judging [J] – Perceiving [P]) to reveal results on five supplementary facets of personality for each preference pair. MBTI Step II highlights how these fit with the overall Step I type and where there are inconsistencies that can explain interpersonal challenges.

The result is a highly personalised MBTI profile and development plan that is designed to drive individual improvement and build cohesive teams.

Key features of MBTI Step II

  • The world’s most accurate and in-depth personality assessment tool, trusted by some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations.
  • Explores the subtle variations within each of the 16 core personality types and MBTI type preferences.
  • Uses five behavioural facets to explore the four MBTI Step I dichotomies in greater detail.
  • Provides a more in-depth analysis of Myers Briggs profiles and explores the DNA of individual personality types.
  • Provides actionable insights that help fuel personal development.
  • Powerful and versatile tool that can be applied to a wide range of personal and business issues.
  • Suitable for employees of all levels, from junior staff to senior executives and board members.
  • Questionnaires and reports available in multiple languages and adapted to reflect cultural differences.

What are the main benefits of the Myers Briggs Step II framework?

Poor or even non-existent communication is often cited as one of the biggest issues on many company satisfaction surveys, yet few people are willing to admit they could improve their communication skills. MBTI Step II has the power to help people see their strengths and weaknesses with greater clarity, creating a robust development framework for teams and individuals at all levels.

Individuals and organisations look to MBTI Step II to provide a deeper analysis of individual personality types and explore the nuances of personality within type preferences. Step II takes the four dimensions of Step I and drills down to reveal five additional personality facets for each of the 4 Step I dichotomies – providing 20 facets in all.

This unparalleled depth of insight leads to a greater understanding of individual personality types. Two people can have the same type (e.g. ESTJ) yet appear or feel very different, and MBTI Step II provides people with the tools to understand the reasons why. Myers Briggs Step II builds on the solid foundations laid out in Step I and takes the whole concept of self-awareness to a whole new level.

Our MBTI Step II workshop can help:

  • Individuals achieve personal growth through enhanced self-awareness;
  • Improve team performance through a greater understanding of individual personality types;
  • Leaders and managers use the competencies of others more efficiently;
  • Individuals and teams avoid and resolve conflict;
  • Reduce stress through greater self-understanding;
  • Enhance communication strategies;
  • Develop emotional intelligence; and
  • Develop leaders, managers, teams and in-house HR expertise.

What makes our MBTI Step II courses so effective?

Our MBTI consultants are certified by OPP (part of the Myers Briggs company) and have over 15 years’ experience of delivering high-performance MBTI workshops, courses and one-to-one training sessions. We provide MBTI Step I and Step II training for businesses of all sizes in the UK, Europe and throughout the US and Asia, and we always tailor our Myers Briggs workshops to suit the individual requirements of each client.

Our MBTI courses are designed to be as engaging as they are enlightening, which encourages a greater level of interaction among course delegates. This is one of the keys to our success. It promotes participant buy-in and keeps people fully invested in the self-improvement process. It is also why some of the world’s most innovative companies rely on Accelerate to unlock the potential of their staff.

Our MBTI Step II training courses provide unrivalled analysis of personality types and present these insights in ways that are not only practical and actionable, but also entertaining and engaging. Our unique approach to personality assessment facilitates a positive view of the process, getting people on board and helping them make a genuine and lasting commitment to their personal development.

Myers Briggs Course Outline

Our MBTI training workshops are designed to ensure that the participants gain an awareness of Myers Briggs Type Preferences in an enjoyable, lively and engaging workshop, which will be a mix of theory and practical exercises that cover:

  • Introduction and Context;
  • Completing the MBTI;
  • Recognising the Dimensions;
  • How we receive information;
  • How we make decisions;
  • Personal preference;
  • Behavioural cues; and
  • Adapting our style

There is time to complete an additional, tailored, exercise on effective teamworking or communication, and through discussion with yourselves we can decide on what that could be. Typically, this can be focussed on collectively understanding what everyone brings to the team, or what the team should be doing differently to develop further as a high performing team.

MBTI Results

At the end of the MBTI training session, the attendees will receive a short report based upon their individual responses to the Myers Briggs questionnaire. The report will help the delegates identify which of the Myers Briggs personality type most accurately describes themselves, and will provide them with in-depth information on their communication strengths and preferences.

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Number of Attendees

We can work with a maximum of 16-20 attendees per Facilitator/Trainer on an MBTI Training Workshop. Although this is slightly more than other workshops, the variety of different People in the workshop adds to the learning experience.

Interactive Learning

Our courses are designed to be enjoyable, interactive, experiential and stimulating to maximize on the learning opportunity. This means that everyone has a chance to contribute and get involved throughout.

Course Duration

Most of our workshops such as this one are one day or half day courses, although they each vary depending on the degree of customisation. One day workshops typically run from 09:15 to 16:45 which will include lunch and breaks.

Workshop Prices

Our prices are based on a day rate per facilitator plus expenses, which ordinarily works out more cost effective than sending your team externally on courses which will also incur individual expenses.


We deliver our Workshops at your premises in the UK, throughout Europe and around the World in a number of languages as well as English. We just need access to a venue, which includes a projector and flip charts.


MBTI Step 2 training workshops are designed to cater for anyone who works in a team or needs to work  more effectively with other staff members as a peer or manager, as well as your team members more familiar with Step 1.

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Sample Profiles

MBTI Step I (Basic)

MBTI Step I profile report

MBTI Step 1

MBTI Step I sample communication style


MBTI Step II profile