MBTI Step I Training Programme

What is MBTI Step I?

MBTI Myers Briggs Training Session

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II is a questionnaire that is completed by course delegates prior to an MBTI training session. The MBTI Step I framework is designed to reveal the characteristics unique to each personality type and lay the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. By analysing the results of the feedback session and Step I questionnaire, our MBTI trainers will provide course delegates with the tools they need to interact with others more effectively and overcome the challenges of dealing with difficult people and situations.

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Key features of MBTI Step I

  • Uses the best known and most trusted personality assessment tool on the market to define 16 different personality types and MBTI type preferences.
  • Road tested over the last 70 years by some of the worlds largest and most successful organisations.
  • Highlights individual strengths and explores ways to capitalise on them.
  • Proven application and problem-solving techniques encompassing a broad range of issues.
  • Powerful and versatile tool that can be applied to a wide range of personal and business issues.
  • In-depth analysis and reports to support real-world application.
  • Suitable for employees of all levels, from junior staff to senior executives and board members.
  • Questionnaires and reports available in multiple languages and adapted to reflect cultural differences.

What are the main benefits of the Myers Briggs Step I framework?

MBTI Step I is the first stage of the Myers Briggs development journey and serves to provide course delegates with the skills they need to progress to MBTI Step II, which provides a more in-depth analysis of Myers Briggs profiles and explores the DNA of individual personality types.

The Myers Briggs Step II framework is far more than just a simple personality questionnaire; it is the catalyst for lifelong personal development and improved organisational effectiveness. MBTI Step I helps course delegates better recognise, understand and appreciate the subtle differences and nuances that define us as individuals. Our MBTI Step I workshop can also help:

  • Improve team performance through open communication, effective debriefing and feedback, fostering a winning mentality and managing organisational change;
  • Promote a constructive and positive approach to individual differences;
  • Individuals and teams avoid and resolve conflict;
  • Reduce stress through greater self-understanding;
  • Enhance communication strategies;
  • Develop emotional intelligence;
  • Develop leaders, managers, teams and in-house HR expertise; and
  • Encourage team members to understand and appreciate different strengths.

Why are our MBTI Step I courses so successful?

Our Myers Briggs Type Indicator consultants have over 15 years’ experience of delivering world-class MBTI courses and workshops. Fully qualified and MBTI certified by OPP (part of the Myers Briggs company and one of the world’s largest business psychology providers), our MBTI trainers are widely regarded as some leading Myers Briggs practitioners in Europe.

We have extensive experience of providing MBTI courses and one-to-one training sessions for businesses of all sizes in the UK, Europe and throughout the US and Asia. Our Myers Briggs profilers are able to deliver both Step I and Step II instruments, and we always tailor our Myers Briggs Type Indicator workshops to suite the particular needs of our clients.

More important than our experience and qualifications, however, is our ability to make our business training courses as engaging as they are enlightening. People consistently find our workshops memorable and inspirational, meaning that practitioners benefit from a base level of buy-in that keeps people fully invested in the self-improvement process.

Entertaining, practical and inspirational, our Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I workshops offer an intuitive method of understanding personality differences and provide course delegates with the perfect platform for self-expression and social interaction. This unique approach facilitates a wholly positive view, getting people on board so that they make genuine and lasting changes to their behaviour.

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Number of Attendees

We can work with a maximum of 16-20 attendees per Facilitator/Trainer on an MBTI Training Workshop. Although this is slightly more than other workshops, the variety of different People in the workshop adds to the learning experience.

Interactive Learning

Our courses are designed to be enjoyable, interactive, experiential and stimulating to maximize on the learning opportunity. This means that everyone has a chance to contribute and get involved throughout.

Course Duration

Most of our workshops such as this one are one day or half day courses, although they each vary depending on the degree of customisation. One day workshops typically run from 09:15 to 16:45 which will include lunch and breaks.

Workshop Prices

Our prices are based on a day rate per facilitator plus expenses, which ordinarily works out more cost effective than sending your team externally on courses which will also incur individual expenses.


We deliver our Workshops at your premises in the UK, throughout Europe and around the World in a number of languages as well as English. We just need access to a venue, which includes a projector and flip charts.


Our MBTI workshops are designed to cater for anyone who works in a team or needs to work  more effectively with other staff members as a peer or manager. 

Find out more about MBTI Training Courses for your Organisation

Sample Profiles

MBTI Step I (Basic)

MBTI Step I profile report

MBTI Step 1

MBTI Step I sample communication style


MBTI Step II profile