One-to-One MBTI Coaching

As well as our training programs we use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) on a one to one basis and as part of a general coaching intervention. The power comes in the ability to open up conversations around inter-personal effectiveness. It provides a framework to discuss issues, that are sometimes difficult to tackle, around general communication skills, which are at the route of many difficulties and work related conflict. As a tool to increase “Emotional Intelligence” it is extremely effective.

The Myers Briggs Instrument can be used on one-to-one basis in a coaching context, across a wide range of workplace issues relating to communication. However the MBTI should not be used for Recruitment, there are a number of other tools that can do this far more effectively and accurately and we would be happy to talk through the available options.

Coaching applications can include:-

  • Business applications such as Personal development and executive coaching.
  • The impact of personal style on other people.
  • To understand why people react to change in different ways.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Asserting yourself effectively.
  • Conflict management.
  • Career guidance.

Prices to administer the MBTI

Generally a one to one session will take no more than two hours and our coaching rate is £150.00 +VAT per hour. If we can incorporate this into our normal travels, or a day we are in London, we will not need to charge travel expenses on top of this. All other materials are provided.

We are qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioners and have had experience using MBTI in the UK, Europe and throughout the US and Asia for both training sessions and on a one to one basis. Available in multiple languages, it is one of the few tools that is truly universal and has subtle differences in the region specific versions that make it great for an international organisation or team. We are able to administer Step I and the less commonly used, but more detailed, Step II Instrument.

We are able to deliver training courses using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to facilitate improved communication skills, to aid team working and team development, or within a broader management training workshop. A broader training workshop may focus on specific business training needs, such as general leadership, coaching, customer service or training workshops that focus on dealing with specific areas of conflict.

Poor communication is cited as one of the biggest issues on most company satisfaction surveys yet few people will admit they could improve their communication skills. We find that working with the Myers Briggs preference tool, people start to realise their communication skills can be quickly and dramatically improved.

We would be happy to discuss how to use the MBTI in your organisation to improve communication and personal effectiveness. Although we are based near London our team work across the UK and further afield as required.

Sample Profiles

MBTI Step I (Basic)

MBTI Step I profile report

MBTI Step 1

MBTI Step I sample communication style


MBTI Step II profile