SDI® – Strength Deployment Inventory Tool® Training Workshops

We run a wide range of training workshops and courses using the SDI® – Strength Deployment Inventory Tool® developed in the USA by Dr. Elias H. Porter. The tool itself is based around recognising our motivational value system, which will tend to stay fixed even though our beliefs, values, behaviours may well change over time. The SDI is completed by answering specific questions that look at the following two situations;

  • When things are going well for you and you feel good about yourself.
  • When things are going wrong and you could be potentially finding yourself in conflict with others.

We have used it successfully in team development, motivation training and also in conflict resolution, to name a few. Because of its accuracy and simplicity the strength deployment inventory is a real pleasure to work with.


Increased or decreased workload, redundancy, increased stress, the net result is we are starting to see more conflict in organisations. We have been successfully exploring and diffusing conflict with the Strength Deployment Inventory SDI®, which is excellent at looking at peoples individual conflict pattern. For further details see our Dealing with Conflict Workshop Programme. (We can also use the Thomas Killman profile which focuses on the choices you make to deal with conflict or not.)

We would be happy to discuss how to use the SDI in your organisation to improve communication and personal effectiveness. Although we are based near London our team work across the UK and further afield as required.

SDI® – Team report

SDI® – Personal Strengths