Change Management – Training Workshop

change management trainingIt is said that technology moves on at a pace of over 1000 times every 15 years, so it is no surprise that the pace of change is increasing at seemingly unprecedented levels. In most organisations change has become a part of everyday working life, yet how these changes are managed by an organisation can be the difference between successful change and its unwanted alternative.

To be able to effectively manage change in organizations, is a key skill that is now required in many roles. This programme aims to hone the skills of those already familiar with change programmes and methodology and those who have not had formal training. This workshop is designed to help organisations deliver change and help staff to cope with change and adapt to ever changing environments. With a range of facilitated, experiential and practical exercises, we are able to instill the key requirements for an effective change, whilst looking at the key reasons many change management initiatives fail to deliver.

Managing Change Workshop Objectives

By the end of this training workshop attendees will be able to;

  • Define the key steps to Managing Change.
  • Develop a plan to instigate Change, recognising barriers and constraints.
  • Communicate a change effectively through a range of methods.
  • Develop skills to create change effectively into your team/organisation.
  • Develop a change plan that they can immediately instigate.
  • Manage and motivate people through the change process.

Course Content

Defining the Change

  • Creating the vision
  • Desired states
  • Reasons for change
  • Success criteria
  • Catalysts for change

Communicating the Change

  • Describing the vision
  • Positive messages
  • Getting buy in

Planning the Change

  • Structuring a change
  • Organisational Culture
  • Recognising constraints
  • The people issues
  • Timing
  • Change Curve

Course Content

Training for the Change

  • Dealing with Change
  • Reactions to change
  • Myths about change

Implementing the Change

  • Vision to reality
  • Conflict and resistance
  • Creating urgency
  • Managing those affected
  • Managing the Transition
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Anchoring change
  • Motivating people
  • Maintaining control

Reviewing and Updating

  • Evaluating change
  • Learning from mistakes

Change Management Workshop

This course is designed for those who need to drive change through an organisation or business For more information Click here.

Managing and Coping with Change Workshop

This workshop is designed to help staff cope with change, even if this is enforced change, with a range of practical techniques and coping strategies. For more information Click here.

Course Objectives

 By the end of this training workshop attendees will be able to;
  • Define their own personal attitudes to change.
  • Develop personal coping strategies for managing change
  • Analyse the attitude to change, of those involved in a change process.
  • Develop a range of skills, to successfully help manage change in an organisation.

Course Content

  • Requirements for effective change
  • Key steps to managing change
  • Why people embrace or resist change
  • Defining the change
  • The change curve
  • Implementing the change
  • Managing the people affected by change
  • Reaction to change
  • Celebrating success
  • Anchor points
  • Overcoming Resistance to change

Number of Attendees

We tend to work with a maximum of 12 attendees per Facilitator/Trainer, although this is flexible depending on the workshop. Some workshops with diagnostic tools allow us to have around 16 to 20 attendees.

Interactive Learning

Our courses are designed to be enjoyable, interactive, experiential and stimulating to maximize on the learning opportunity. This means that everyone has a chance to contribute and get involved throughout.

Course Duration

Most of our workshops such as this one are 1 day courses, although they each vary depending on the degree of customisation and we are able to run a shortened half day version of this course. Workshops typically run from 09:15 to 16:45 which will include lunch and breaks.

Workshop Prices

Our prices are based on a day rate per facilitator plus expenses, which ordinarily works out more cost effective than sending your team externally on courses which will also incur individual expenses.


We deliver our Workshops at your premises in the UK, throughout Europe and around the World in a number of languages as well as English. We just need access to a venue, which includes a projector and flip charts.


This workshop is designed to cater for anyone who works in a change orientated environment, or an environment where change needs to happen. We are also able to tailor the content if we are working with a group of people managers, customer facing staff or any staff who are needing to go through organisational or business change.

For more details on our range of Training Programmes, please contact us on 0203 507 0053 or fill in the form on this page and we will answer any of your questions regarding this course . We work throughout the UK and internationally and our team of trainers are able to talk through your exact training requirements to develop your staff, based on your overall organisational Requirements.