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Graham Price
Training and Business Consultant

A founding partner of Accelerate, Grahams’ career started in the Royal Navy where he trained as a Weapons Engineer and Instructor. On leaving, Graham continued into a successful Sales and Sales Management career, before moving into a Learning and Development role in the mid 1990’s. After 10 years in Senior Training and Development Roles for large corporate organisations such as Yell and Reed Elsevier, Graham set up Accelerate to provide the very best in Team and Leadership Development.

Bernadette Callanan
Training Consultant and Coach

Based in Bristol, Bernadette is an experienced sales coach and management trainer specialising in leadership, team performance and training design, She has a particular focus and passion around designing programmes that tackle the barriers to effective teamwork and combining this with her love of the outdoors as a place to work, working with teams as they empower each other during team challenges

James Brearley
Training Consultant and Coach

One of the founder members of Accelerate, Jim left the Royal Air Force where he served as a Physical Education Officer. He latterly commanded the Royal Air Force’s premier Leadership and Personal Development Academy, a reputed Centre of Excellence for training contemporary leadership and team development skills to equip the modern-day Military to fulfil its task. Jim’s background combines roles in HR, Organisational Development and Training and Development.

Karen Bushnell
Training Consultant

With over 20 years experience in Training and development, Karen’s career began in sales with two large companies in the U.K and in Bahrain. Karen worked as a Sales training manager, and Management development consultant with for over 14 years, and has since worked as a Development consultant with companies such as Bryant homes, Red funnel ferries, British Telecom, Reed Business Information Services, and Bendicks of Mayfair Lt

Paula Harris
Training Consultant and Coach

A Human Resources expert, and former HR Director, she brings more than 20 years’ experience of formulating and delivering HR development strategy for organisations such as ASDA, the Probation Service, Psion Computers and LexisNexis. Paula works with us to ensure our programmes create an effective change in organisations long after we deliver them.

William Parker
Business Consultant and Interim

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