Bernadette Callanan

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Based in Bristol, Bernadette is an experienced sales coach and management trainer specialising in leadership, team performance and training design, She has a particular focus and passion around designing programmes that tackle the barriers to effective teamwork and combining this with her love of the outdoors as a place to work, working with teams as they empower each other during team challenges. Berni has 4 core areas of focus.

  1. Leadership and Team Development Training
  2. Working with Tracom and their Social Style Products
  3. Organisational Development
  4. Instructional Design

Working in tandem with a team of associates delivering training workshops for Management teams, throughout the UK and Europe, such as Leadership, Performance Management, Coaching Skills, Conflict Resolution, Team Development (Including Outdoor Team Events) and Change Management.

Delivering Team Development and Communication skills workshops, through a range of profiling tools such as SOCIAL STYLE, Belbin, MBTI StepI, & StepII. These Workshops focus on a broad range of areas encompassing Presentation Skillls and Dealing with Difficult People.

Berni works throughout Europe delivering training courses for a wide range of Social Style Products  including Social Style, Adaptive Mindset and BehaviouralEQ. This involves training Individual team members in Large to Medium organisations who wish to develop their Leadership, Sales and Communication skills through Tracom Products including Social Style.

A personal view of the Tracom Social Style and Versatility Profile

“As a consultant who specialises in using a number of tools including Social Style and Versatility, I find it extremely useful in helping to change behaviour and improve productivity and effectiveness, whether this be in training sessions or for feedback on a one to one basis. By raising peoples self awareness of their own Behavioural Style and by working with them to realise the impact they can have on others, with different Social Styles, the results can be dramatic and immediate” Graham Price

A specialist in Organisational Development, Berni is able to help organisations to bring together the strategy, people and processes that create improvements in the overall performance of your organisation. This can include training, re-organisation, strategy formulation, or just smoothing the process of organisational change.

A specialist area of focus for Berni is instructional design of training Interventions and courses. Using the very latest techniques in Accelerated Learning and brain based learning, she is able to design training courses that;

  • Maximise Learning Time
  • Engage learners
  • Increase delegate retention
  • Focus on Practical Skills

Accreditations and Certifications

Myers Briggs - MBTI Step 1 Accredited100%
Tracom Social Style Accredited100%
Belbin Team Roles Certified100%