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Leadership and Team Development Specialists

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Key Focus Areas


Behavioural Intelligence

Dealing with Conflict

Coaching Skills

Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Performance Leadership

Change Management

Presentation Skills


Leadership Tool Kit

Assessment and Development Centres

Assessment and development centres can be a crucial tool not just in recruiting staff but also in developing their potential. Recruitment of quality staff is one of the main issues for businesses, alongside retention and much relies on the ability of your organisation to be able to objectively assess staff against a number of key criteria.

Assessment Centres

An assessment centre is predominately used in recruitment and these can take a number of forms, depending whether you are recruiting from outside the business or internally (or even a mix of both). Typically these are most often used when recruiting for customer facing roles, in either sales, or customer service. They are less likely to be used for identifying new managers as a development centre may be a more effective vehicle for this. For more details on assessment centres, the pros and cons and how we can potentially help your organisation please follow this link.

Development Centres

Development centres are more often used when you are looking to identify potential managers in your organisation, or recruit people into more senior roles. Although there are some similarities with assessment centres, because you are dealing with existing staff there is almost always an element of personal development and this is the key difference between a development centre and an assessment centre. For more details on development centres, the potential uses and how we can possibly help your organisation please follow this link.

Recruitment Training Workshops

For more details on our Recruitment and Interviewing Training Programmes, contact us now. We work throughout the UK and internationally and our team of trainers are able to talk through your exact requirements and the training required to develop your managers into highly effective recruiters.

Associated Programmes

Recruitment and Interviewing

International Recruitment

Change Management Training

Communication Skills

General Assertive Skills

Interpersonal Communication

Presentation Skills

Change Management

Coping with Change

Project Mananagement Intro

PM with Microsoft Project