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Sales Training Workshops

Sales Training Specialists

It is not difficult to find a sales trainer as the barriers to becoming one are low, but finding a good one is not easy. Our training workshops are run by experienced sales trainers who are specialists in their field, be it key account management or sales management and have spent a minimum of 10 years training sales professionals. We break our sales training into distinct categories and have specialist trainers in each field.

Sales Management Training

Developing the skills to be a competent sales manager is essential and we run a number of programmes that focus on Sales Management.

Key Account Sales Training

Developing the skills of your sales team to be good major account managers is vital to maintain and grow an organisation's most valuable accounts. We have developed processes using the most advanced industry standards to ensure that Key Accounts get the level of expertise required in these challenging times.

Advanced Sales Skills Training

For experienced sales people, revisiting the basics, or sheep dipping them through another sales process is risky and largely ineffective. The principles of selling have not changed comprehensively over the last fifty years and most commonly organisations use sales processes developed in the 1960's. Advanced sales training needs to focus on practical application and honing advanced modern techniques such as power negotiation, customer profiling, motivational questioning and nlp to name a few.

Entry Level Sales Training

Whether it is for Field or Telesales roles, new salespeople need a thorough grounding and good sales process taught to them. Many sales people have never received formalised training, which would be inconceivable in most jobs. Our early stage sales induction programmes look to embed these skills early on so that sales people are not forced to learn on the job at the expense of your customers.

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