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Sales Profiling Tools

Sales Profiling and Sales Psychometrics

We use our sales profiling tools in several ways, for profiling potential candidates, profiling current sales teams and to gain a greater insight into preferred buying and selling styles. We are licensed to carry out all of the following profiles and observe all licensing and confidentiality requirements associated with them. They should never be used as the only way to recruit or retain staff but can provide valuable insights to help with the process of selection and retention.

Strength Deployment Inventory

The SDIŪ - Strength Deployment Inventory ToolŪ was developed in the USA by Dr. Elias H. Porter. The SDIŪ is completed by answering specific questions from 2 situations:When things are going well and when things are going not so well. We have used it successfully in sales development, profiling customers and recognising buying styles and to recognise potential difference. It is both accurate and easy to work with.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The most widely used profiling tool and commonly referred to as the MBTI. It is never used for sales recruitment but the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is good for recognising and profiling buyer types. The questionnaire is available in multiple languages and is the most researched and validated profiling tool in the world. It is also used in Sales management Development and various team based activities


Developed by Meredith Belbin we use this most commonly in profiling and developing sales management teams although it is sometimes used in team building activities with more senior sales people.

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