HR Consultancy

At Accelerate UK we offer a full HR Consultancy service for organisations which is more than training and development. We normally break HR down into these areas and have capability across all of these :

Resource of Staff

  • Recruitment, testing, interviews etc

Training & Development

  • TNA, supplier engagement, talent management, evaluation projects

Pay and Reward

  • Systems, bonus schemes, reward strategies

Employee Relations

  • Performance management systems, disciplinary procedures, change projects

Typical/Recent Projects;

  • Rolling out Corporate Values across an International Business
  • Setting up and formalising Recruitment and Induction Processes
  • Organisational Development and Talent Management Programmes
  • Assessment and Development Programmes
  • Restructuring and Redundancy
  • Online Appraisal and 360 System integration

We work with organisations to help them to both recognise and retain their key staff. This does not just involve paying the right package but making sure these people are developed with effective training, coached to succeed and are truly valued as your key people will always be the target of competitors. The end result is to create peak performing individuals

We design team experiences, with clear objectives, that are challenging and enjoyable, using different media that;

  • Will focus individuals on team and common goals
  • Allow teams to communicate more effectively,
  • Identify win-win solutions to common issues
  • Allow risk taking without the fear of failure
  • Identify their team and group dynamics
  • Help teams to think more creatively
  • Improve team working and personal management


With your organisational values, agenda, relevant thread, purpose or competences: (such as integrity, teamwork, customer focus, respect, community aware, structure and processes, initiative, communication, prioritising, influencing, flexibility) as the theme of the day, good fun and often competitive master classes are organised in a variety of environments.