We have been running training workshops and events using Belbin® Team Roles around the world for many years, but we feel it still remains the most rigorous tool for working out team dynamics available. Certainly the feedback several months after running our Belbin Training Workshops, is that Managers and teams are thinking differently about themselves, their team members, and appreciate difference and diversity more.

For team and leadership development, Meredith Belbin’s team roles is one of our favourite tools for getting all manner of business teams including leadership teams to work effectively, and recognise their unique differences. With so much evidence that businesses perform better when their key players focus on their strengths and outsource their weaknesses, Belbin® Team Roles confirms and explains this perfectly.

Belbin does not put people in boxes, as your team roles may change over time, and is based on observation as well as substantial research. It has also been updated regularly and the reports are of a good quality. All in all it really makes a difference to the way people work in teams. We would be happy to discuss how to develop your team or team leadership capabilities using Belbin Team Roles. Our training consultants work across the UK and further afield as required.